The process.

Branding – We strive to discover the characteristics, personality, talents and strengths that make you unique – then pinpoint what will best serve your needs and showcase your products or services. We ask about your objectives, look at your location, staff and current operation in order to create a plan that meets your goals and reaches your target audience. By working with us, you will be tapping into many years of experience in creating unique identities for our clients.

Collateral – Creating your identity is only the first step. We need to reinforce your new image through the use of marketing or collateral materials such as stationery, signage, brochures, newsletters, etc. These materials need to address your needs, attract new business, and spread the word about you and your services. We regularly produce materials on a monthly, quarterly or yearly schedule in quantities and at costs that fit our client’s needs and budgets.

Campaign – Having created your identity and marketing materials, we now need to nurture and promote your new image through the use of advertising. An ad campaign is successful if it catches your eye, resonates with you and inspires you to action. We create image campaings that are stylish, classic and eye catching.

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