Ted Cowart

Gary Hays

The principals.

Ted Cowart is a graphic designer, illustrator and artist. He began his design career in New York City as Art Director at Hockaday Associates. After a few years in New York, Ted accepted an offer from the Carson/Roberts Agency in Los Angeles.

Deciding to branch out on his own, Ted returned to New York and formed Ted Cowart Design. There, his clients included Seventeen and Vogue magazines, Estee Lauder, Wool Bureau, Priscilla of Boston, Francis Denney, I Miller and many others.

Many winters on the east coast convinced Ted to return to the warmth of the southwest. In Houston, his business continued to grow and thrive. Then, with the advent of computer technology, Ted formed a partnership and created Cowart and Hays.

As a partner, Ted is responsible for concepts, design, illustrations and art direction. For more about Ted Cowart, read his biography. Or to view his paintings, visit Ted Cowart Fine Art.

Gary Hays, a registered architect, worked in architecture and interior design at such well-known and respected design firms as 3D/International, CRS and ISD. Educated at both Texas Tech and the University of Oklahoma, Gary has experienced every aspect of the design process. And, as Vice President of a multi-city firm, Gary was also responsible for incorporating computer technology and desktop publishing into the design environment in all four of their offices.

As a partner in Cowart and Hays, Gary is responsible for computer design and production and media placement.


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